n’est pas!?

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog,the quick brown fox jumpe…well I’m sure you get the gist,anyone who has ever learnt the English language has heard this repetitive,adjective,verb,preposition rich sentence(excuse any grammatical mistakes). so today lets address the power of education (see how i said education and not school..yeah,topic for another day)… Alas,I digress… where was I…oh,yeah education rocks!!!!I could bore you with the 101 reasons that you probably already know as to why but ill save you the reading…my opinion of education and the reason why i hold it to such a high degree (dare i say PhD) is because my great grandma used to tell me, “your education is the perfect husband…it will never leave you nor forsake you,in sickness and in health,till death(I can just see it now,”daughter,sister,friend,colleague… Dr.Jane Doe..R.I.P you over achiever you, we’re gonna miss your intelligent conversation and your glowing spirit) ..you may never do anything with your degree or diploma but why not be an educated bum. right?ill take being educated over being married any day(shout out Chimamanda Ngozi).For centuries,women have been taught to live selflessly and put everything and everyone before themselves,thanks to education,women’s minds have been opened and now not only do they live selflessly and put everyone before themselves,they put themselves before everyone before themselves.(the English ran away for a second then came right back,if you get that statement).women manage to empower themselves through education and still maintain their homes and families,they do the job of the man and the wife all in one.matter of fact Im changing the topic of this post from power to education,to power to women.can i get an amen,no make that AWOMEN!!!(as she gets distracted by feminist rants)…women.education.power.